Welcome to the portfolio and blog of Marco Mora-Huizar. I am a freelance Spanish translator that works with English, Marshallese and French.

Freelance Spanish Translator

Native Spanish-speaker with more than ten years of experience as a translator. My experience includes government and private sector projects such as articles, software, HR documents, guides, instruction manuals, websites, and presentations.

I specialize in Latin American Spanish as well as Spanish for target readers who live in the United States. My goal is to help your audience understand you in their native tongue.

English to Marshallese Translator

I learned Marshallese working in Marshallese communities in the United States and am particularly specialized in working on projects where an understanding of a highly technical source text is more important than an idiomatically precise translation. 

I built and currently host and maintain the Marshallese dictionary at marshallese.org. My experience as a Marshallese translator is mostly comprised of government forms and presentations. Because I am not a native speaker, I do not offer interpretation services in Marshallese.


Deseret Alphabet Instagram

Instagram account featuring quotes written in Deseret alphabet. Phonetic transcription into the phonetic Deseret alphabet. Layout design.

Dictionary at Marshallese.org

Marshallese dictionary with sample-sentence concordance. Initial website design. Website and database administration.

El libro de los hombres lobo

Ethnographic study of werewolves written in 1865 by Sabine Baring-Gould. Translation from English to Spanish.

Marshallese Language Instagram

Instagram account featuring Marshallese vocabulary words. Design and layout.

Utah Translators and Interpreters Association

Website administrator, treasurer and technology liaison.