I have been a Marshallese to English and English to Marshallese freelance translator since 2009. My pursuit of this career was born out of my desire to bridge the information gap in Marshallese communities. In fact, my career has allowed me to work on projects regarding epidemics awareness, environmental issues and social services.

If you have ever requested a translation and felt let down by the lack of professionalism, you will be pleasantly surprised when you work with me. I will answer your emails quickly and deliver my portion of the work on time. I will also be available to answer questions and check the final product.

English to Marshallese Translation

Currently there are no machine translation engines (like Google translate) that can translate from or into Marshallese. There is also a lack of professional translators who can provide consistency for Marshallese translations. This because tools like Microsoft Marshallese spellchecker for Unicode text do not exist yet. With my custom-made Marshallese spellchecker and near-native English fluency, I am uniquely positioned to provide accuracy and consistency in translation.

Types of Projects

Government Documents and Forms

Government forms are the type of document that I most commonly work with. There are significant Marshallese communities in Arkansas, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Utah and Washington. I translate city and state government forms and applications. These documents often deal with topics such as child support, social security, and public education. Many times, the vocabulary in these documents must be kept consistent within the document and with prior translations.


Slideshows are an easy way to display information to large numbers of people. I worked on slideshows dealing with epidemics awareness, human trafficking prevention, and exam grade reports.


I’ve translated flyers concerning endangered species, toxic chemicals, epidemics, and pregnancy.

Websites and Articles

Website and article translation is my favorite type of project. Because of this, many times I willing to charge lower rates for this type of project. Because web presence can be important, businesses and individuals who offer services in Marshallese can benefit from having their sites translated.

Specific Services

Marshallese translator

English to Marshallese translation is more than just writing equivalent words from one language to another. As a Marshallese translator, I strive for consistency and simplicity. Using the corpus at Marshalles.org allows me to explore best ways to express whatever your message in a way that will be understood by Marshallese people.

Marshallese Proofreader

As a proofreader, my purpose is to make sure that your project meets publication standards. I use a custom-made Marshallese spellchecker to make sure that the spelling used is up to the standard set by the Marshallese-English Dictionary. I will also check that the layout and formatting matches the original document.

What can I translate for you?

  • Forms
  • Letters
  • User interfaces (software)
  • Online help
  • Websites
  • Portals
  • Presentations
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Banner ads
  • e-Mailers
  • Press releases
  • Product catalogs
  • Partner programs
  • Newsletters
  • Announcement letters
  • Magazines
  • Graphics
  • Etc.